Customer Oriented, Innovative and Creative!

We have been providing engineering, manufacturing and assembly services to our valued customers in the oil, automotive and energy sectors by using advanced technology and information systems with our experienced staff in various countries of the world since 1986.

Havatek conducts its operations with a strong sense of business ethics and honesty.
Customer Oriented
The company invests heavily in technology and human resources in order to best respond to customer requests.
The company conducts its operations with sensitivity toward the environment and human health.
Quality Oriented
The company faithfully adheres to national and international standards without compromising quality.

"Confidence in Perfection"


We have been working hand in hand with our valued customers in all of our industrial construction projects related to Oil & Gas, Energy and Automotive sectors since 1986.
Havatek Makina, holding technical and financial competence, can perform all project based engineering, construction, procurement, mechanical erection, electric instrumentation and commissioning activities...

Mechanical Erection
Manufacturing and erection of equipment, steel structure, storage tank(API650), ACC, HRSG, industrial piping system are performed by Havatek Makine according to ISO, ASME, API, EN, CE standards...

Phosphate & Cataphoresis Coating, Paintshop Facilities
Phosphate & Cataphoresis Coating Facilities of car bodies spare parts for automotive supply industry can be perfomed as turn-key basis(EPC)...

Total Quality Management Philosophy

In a highly competitive business environment, HAVATEK has adopted the Total Quality Management System as a company culture and it aims to be one of the leading companies in our sector by ensuring that all personnel are receive relevant trainings.

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